Fictive Hack: Mage Spells Part 3

12. Locate. Rested. One minute ritual (upgrades to a focus action). Fix a specific person, object, or landmark in your mind. Or, you can focus on something generic, like a guard, stairwell, pool, and so on. Your mystic energies gush out in all directions (anyone in range who is sensitive to magic within 100 meters per your level can feel you looking, but won’t know where you are or what you’re looking for). You test Awareness to interpret the jumble of results. The spell will generally indicate distance from you, and direction, in vague terms. The spell limit is 100 meters per level for something generic, and 1 kilometer per level for something specific. If you have something that physically connects you to the target (like a lock of hair, a bloodstain, the scabbard the magic sword rested within, bit of stone from the landmark, etc.) the range can be much further. Component: fine dust to sift down from your hand, interpreting its drift.

13. Menace. Rested. Focus action. Gain a flat +5 bonus to an Intimidate test; when overcoming being intimidated, this spell guarantees success in overcoming fear and also projects intimidation. Component: a hint of physical pain, like nails in flesh or biting the inside of your cheek.

14. Mental Spell Construction. Rested. Use this talent to build a spell entirely in your mind, with no speech or gestures. Others may not even realize you are casting, they must use Awareness against your Cunning to see what signs may be visible. You can cast while your hands are tied and you are gagged. Component: mystic signs carved on one of your bones.

15. Mystic Language. Rested. Focus action. For about an hour, you can speak and understand any language. This does not work for breaking codes, but it does work for allowing you to make noises your body cannot make (like insectoid clicks or basso rumbles). You can also read in those languages. This spell works on all languages, so if there are three people speaking 3 different languages, you understand them all and you are understood by them all. Because of this flexibility, you cannot write other languages under this influence unless you choose a single language upon casting. Component: a preserved tongue of an outsider. It twitches and wiggles while this spell is active. REUSEABLE.

16. Mystic Movement. Rested. Focus action (upgrades to “move” action.) The spell lasts 1 round per your level. You can move 1 arena further during a move, or add a move to any other kind of action in the round. Also, you can climb sheer surfaces, leap across up to 2 arenas, and negate up to 2 arenas of falling damage (slowing a fall to half speed safely.) Component: consume a live spider.

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