Fictive Hack: Mage Spells Part 4

17. Privacy. Rested. One minute ritual (upgrades to a “focus” action). The ritual uses salt to encircle a private arena. All that is within the arena is immune to remote viewing of any kind, magical or otherwise, and sound within that arena stops at the border. Those looking into the arena will find their eyes veering away, and their minds will tell them the arena is normal. To see into the arena with Awareness, test against a difficulty of [12 + caster level]. If looking at the arena in person using Detect Magic, a mage can see it fine. The spell lasts up to 1 day per caster level, or until the ritual line is broken. Component: enough salt to make a border.

18. Summon Monster. Rested. Focus action. Either create constructs out of nothing, or bring contracted monsters from another dimension to your aid. They appear in your arena and can act normally in the next round. Each spell learned works for one specific monster. The monster summoned is built based on the caster level of the one who created the spell; one level can get 1 Wound, a level of intelligence, a weapon (held or natural), a level of armor, or a talent. Taking flaws can make them cheaper. When the caster is high enough level to double the points needed for the creature, the caster can summon two of them. Triple, three, and so on. Constructs will always be helpful and loyal; contracted monsters will react based on their long-term experience with you, but will usually have something they like you can give them to smooth over unpleasantness. Component: a piece of a specimen you can summon; leather, bone, meat, hair, etc. REUSEABLE.

19. Web. Rested. Focus action (upgrades to “shoot” action.) The spell lasts 1 minute per your level. It fills 1 arena (or 2 half arenas) with webbing (can be upgraded to fill 2 arenas or 4 half arenas). The webbing counts as an impede attempt for all within it, with a result of [10 + your level] against their attempt to get free. The webbing counts as having heavy armor. Those who are impeded cannot make further attacks against the webbing, they are truly stuck until cut free or the spell elapses. The web is not flammable. Component: a bit of spider web.

20. Withstand Temperatures. Rested. Focus action. Become immune to negative effects from temperature, feeling comfortable in extreme weather. Take 1 less Wound from fire, ice, or temperature-based weaponry or attacks. Component: a necklace or bracelet incorporating reptile skin and fur. REUSEABLE.

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