“Thief” Adventuring Motives: Hammers, Mechanists, Pagans


  1. Your father fell in the Sealed Section of the Old Quarter, fighting. You’d like to have his hammer.
  2. When you were a novice, they watched you for signs of your crazy uncle’s heresy. Prove your faith.
  3. Your sister became a pagan. Win her heart and mind back to the faith of the Builder.
  4. Your mentor saw what was in the secret chambers of Southchurch, then disappeared. What’s there?
  5. Strange dreams of Cragscleft Prison haunt you. Something was forged there, it calls to you.
  6. Looters search the Sealed Section for the Lost Library, and its heretical texts. Find it first, burn it.
  7. The Architect has a future in mind for you, and if you prove yourself, he will elevate you.
  8. Your family once maintained a chapel near Stonemarket. Use wealth and influence to revitalize it.
  9. A noble seduced and shamed you as a young teen, your family gave you to Hammers. Get revenge.
  10. A senior Mason is having a dalliance with a pagan. Prove it, cleanse the Hierarchy of that filth.

Mechanists (Shamed but not gone!)

  1. Veldan sketched a temple schematic revealing the Builder’s face. The plans were lost. Find them.
  2. Your mother was publically tortured and shamed for her forward thinking. Punish the Hammers.
  3. Use technology and wealth to install yourself among the rich and noble of the city. Get Peerage.
  4. You were told your child was stillborn. Now you hear rumors it may live in a machine. Find the truth.
  5. It is time to put machines into elements, not just elements into machines. Make a cyber-elemental.
  6. Your plans for a flame-thrower are nearly finished. With more funding, you can go to prototype.
  7. Provoke the youth of Hammerite fundamentalist families to convert to the Mechanist cause.
  8. You will be revered in history if you can build the first battle tank and prove its usefulness.
  9. You dream of curating a museum of voices, capturing the famous and wise for future hearing.
  10. You want to sell your family’s collection of oil paintings and collect metallic mechanistic art.


  1. Hammers crushed your father’s hands and feet because of his beliefs. Put a stop to that practice.
  2. Your mother chose the woods over prostitution in alleys. Take the wealth that should have been hers.
  3. You had a vision of the wealth of green where the City now stands. Make it green again.
  4. You have a connection with monsters of the woods. Manage the urban population of monsters too.
  5. Civilization, with its money, wars, buildings, sewers, and oppression, has got to be ended. Revert all!
  6. You taste the storm on the wind; when civilization falls, you want to be ready to survive in the woods.
  7. One bad winter, you fell to cannibalism in the back alleys. Only the pagans accept you now. Get fed.
  8. Your role is to play the unobtrusive peddler or beggar, and keep an eye on the City for the clan.
  9. The Great Library of Felldur represents all that is wrong with civilization. Burn that thing down.
  10. You will know that the Woodsie Lord has accepted you when you mutate into a forest creature.
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