“Thief” Adventuring Motives: Nobility, City Guard, Keepers, Criminals


  1. Third in line, you’ll inherit nothing unless something happens to the two in front of you. See to it.
  2. Your family used to host the Winterfast Ball, now it’s the Scroppindur family. Get the honor back.
  3. Grandma dabbled in fortune telling, the Hammers took your family estates. Regain control of them.
  4. Professors at the Seminary get all the hot student tail. Become a professor and get some of that.
  5. Marry and poison your way to wealth and security!
  6. Your father paid for a Mason position with the Hammers fair and square, and didn’t get it. You try.
  7. Lord Voscallian has five children in your age range. Seduce all of them, then tell him. Pompous jerk.
  8. You should be named Steward of Stonemarket, like your great-grandfather was.
  9. Your mother killed six duelists defending the family honor. You can surely do better than that!
  10. Your tattered estate makes you look as broke as you are. Rehabilitate it, and your family fortunes.

 City Guard

  1. You’ve been assigned to a quarter notorious for corruption. Stay pure and clean it up.
  2. You’ve been assigned to a quarter famous for integrity. Corrupt it and make some cash.
  3. The Gutstabber is killing about two victims a week. Catch the wily murderer.
  4. The Captain of your quarter is intoxicated by a pagan witch. Free the poor man before it is found out.
  5. Your family of guardsmen never did solve the mystery of the missing Hackleford Pearls. You will.
  6. At the orphanage, they said there were no monsters. Find one, kill it, and display it in your home.
  7. They say it takes at least 5 years to make captain. Do it in 3.
  8. Get noticed by nobles and hired on to a house’s private security; better money, prestige, comfort, etc.
  9. Your niece is in Pavelock for a murder she didn’t commit. Now you’re positioned to get her out.
  10. You want to be locally famous as a tough guy who can beat the hell out of bad guys. Get busy.


  1. The Book of Massian may have the secret to incorruptible glyphs; no need to recopy. Find it!
  2. There is rumor of a city below this city, buried in ancient sands by a long-ago catastrophe. Is it true?
  3. You think some of your fellows are in league with the Hammers. Can you prove it?
  4. Somehow you think you can find the source of the corruption in the Sealed Section and cleanse it.
  5. You will invent a new glyph, one never before seen, when you grasp the fundamentals in a new way.
  6. Your aunt is an Enforcer. You want her back, the way she was. Can it be reversed? Can you find her?
  7. Figure out why you’ve had such terrible dreams about the Hammerite statue in Southchurch.
  8. You suspect Lord Nissandi has discovered the existence of Keepers and is killing them. Find out.
  9. Tree monster essence may have the secret to immortality. Distill it, experiment, use it for the Balance.
  10. One of your fellows is addicted to murdering unfortunates in the slums. Figure out who, stop it.


  1. The Sladewell family fired your aged dad. He died in an alley after a lifetime of service. Punish them.
  2. A goldsmith in the Sealed Quarter supposedly got a shipment of ingots right before the disaster…
  3. You were an orphan in a pickpocketing gang. Years later, find the old man who ran it and kill him.
  4. You are the bastard child of Lord Fillwhey. If you can prove it you’ll never be hungry again.
  5. Pull a confidence game to pretend to be a noble so you can marry into wealth and comfort.
  6. Hammers casually killed your child for pickpocketing. Time to casually kill Hammers for being cruel.
  7. You dream of having your own little shop and being a fence for stolen goods.
  8. Surely you can get a University education, studying and paying for it with crime. Why not?
  9. You want a leather suit and leather gear all made from burrick hide. That would be the fanciest!
  10. Someday you hope to have a spider farm, extracting their venom and selling it to the guilds.
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