“Thief” Dark Secrets, Part 3

Dealer. You had connections among the pagans who would give you weirdroot, umber lotus, poppygum, whatever. You know people from various walks of life who will pay for these substances. For a while, you made a good living as a dealer. Then a Hammer supporter’s son foolishly mixed drugs and overdosed to death; the same week, you had to dump a shipment because the city guards were patting everyone down, so you angered your supplier. Now you’ve tried to walk away from the whole mess, but if you get connected to your old life, you won’t still have a new one.

Hit and Run. It was dark, and late, your coach was going fast, ran over some old woman in the road; as driver or passenger, you urged the coach on, and left the scene as quickly as possible. You heard some gossip later about how some holy woman among the pagans had been run down, and the pagans were positively furious. You think animals watch you. You think pagans look into your shadow. You feel marked by your guilt. But you don’t want to give yourself away; how could they know anything? No one else could put the pieces together. Still. You just don’t feel safe.

The Affair. A powerful noble in the city liked to show off a ravishing companion. You and the companion had a desperately passionate fling, with the intensity of love at first sight. A number of white-hot trysts followed. The noble found out and had the companion stoned to death. The noble blames the mysterious lover (you) who stole away the companion’s heart. So if your identity is found out, you will be considered the reason the noble lost the companion, and dealt with harshly and in private, probably for an extended period of time before receiving sweet death.

Marriage Inheritance. You were married at age 13, and lived in an estate far from the City. Years later, the Hammer investigation of your inlaws found evidence of pagan worship and seized their estate. Furious, your spouse (revealed as a pagan sympathizer) went native and joined a radical group bent on violence and mayhem. Your friends helped you escape Hammer punishment, but you still endure Hammer scrutiny. You were so convincing in denying involvement that you disgust the pagans, and the Hammers will never trust you again. You’ve done your best to put that incident behind you, and you sometimes wonder what your spouse is up to.

Born Underground. You were born in Cragscleft Prison, your mother a prisoner. You were returned to your family, an innocent. At the age of 13, you had strange blackouts for hours at a time. As the news of gristly murders spread, and as your dreams of darkness, stone, screaming, and blood intensified, you realized the ghost of your mother was riding you to carry out revenge on those who destroyed her. Three Hammers, two informers, and a nobleman died at your hands. Then the visions stopped. Still, if you are connected to those crimes, you’ll end your life where it began.

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