“Thief” Enchanted Gear

Let’s mine the “Thief” game for cool enchanted gear.


Fire Arrow. 50 g. +1 arena range and explodes on contact, doing 3 Wounds to the target and 2 Wounds to those in arm’s reach. Projects the light of a lantern; useful for seeing the way, but not for hiding. Fire will ignite anything flammable, but not people.

Gas Arrow. 75 g. When it hits, the target and all those within arm’s reach of the target must test Brawn difficulty 12 or collapse unconscious for about an hour.

Moss Arrow. 50 g. This arrow carpets an arena with deep moss, silencing footfalls. This may allow automatic success at stealth, or if there are other factors, up to +4 to Cunning.

Noisemaker Arrow. 50 g. The enchantment releases various sounds; sometimes coughs, or knocks, or clumsy movements, or crying babies, etc. depending on the whim of the creator. It lasts a minute.

Rope/Vine Arrow. 75 g. When it hits, as a focus action it extends a rope up to 2 arenas (12 meters) long. The arrow must inflict a wound on the target to get enough traction to hold weight. It can hold up to 5 loads. If pulled lose as a protect action, it magically rewinds itself as a focus action.

Water Arrow. 25 g. Puts out fire (up to a small campfire size) with a hit within arm’s reach. If hitting a target, the target must pass a Daring test (variable difficulty) or lose an action, sputtering.

Other Enchantments

Climbing Gloves. 200 g. Move action to automatically scale stone or wood to move between arenas.

Constantine’s Sword. 400 g. This slender black blade (light weapon) grants +2 to Cunning stealth.

Flashbomb. 10 g. Throw as a ranged action. Cover your eyes as a free action to avoid the negative effect. Any potential target can cover eyes if they know the flashbomb is coming, and be safe from its effect. All those in the same arena or looking at the flashbomb must test Daring (variable difficulty, usually 10) and if they fail they lose an action. If they succeed, they are -4 to all rolls for a round.

Frogbeast Eggs. 50 g. These can be thrown in the same or and adjacent arena. When they land, a frogbeast rolls out and rises as a focus action. In subsequent rounds, it will wander, or approach the nearest moving or living thing. When it detonates, it does 3 Wounds to what it touches, and 2 Wounds to anything within arm’s reach.

Glowstick. 50 g. Magic liquid in a silvery tube. Shake it as a focus action, it emits wan light equal to a lantern for 10 minutes, and a candle for 50 minutes before dimming out. The stick then requires an hour to recharge before it can be used again.

Healing Drink. 50 g. Drink as a focus action, then gain up to 2 Wounds back no matter how badly hurt; each one takes 1 focus action to return, and if interrupted, that Wound does not return. Wounds healed in this way leave no scar, not even if you were dying (though crippling endures).

Water Blessing. 5 g. Blessed water inflicts 3 Wounds on undead. Vials can be blessed and thrown like range weapons, or the damage spread among targets in melee range with a splash. Water arrows can be blessed. Any sufficiently holy source (like a font) can bless water in it as a focus action.

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