The book cover!

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. This will be on the cover of “The World Between for Fictive Hack.”

I titled it “Pinata.”

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4 Responses to The book cover!

  1. Phyllis Shields Hurshman says:


    WOW! I do not want to get caught up THAT tree.

    Vibrant colors! Active cover! Cool!

    Love to see you doing artwork again.

    : )


  2. fictivite says:

    Glad you like it! Thanks for checking in.

  3. E. Wilson says:


  4. fictivite says:

    I am painfully close. I have the 2 forewords to solidify, possibly some art to upgrade (but maybe not). Kristy will help with the cover and getting the damn thing loaded onto Lulu so I can order one and see how it looks.

    In the meantime, as soon as the book is uploaded and ready for Lulu I can post it for free on the blog. I’m thinking early next week.

    E. Wilson, I think you are one of maybe 10 people who are eager to see this finished. Still, I appreciate the enthusiasm!

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