The Caezarette Cypher Deck

Well, as I’m waiting for the book to show up, a different fevered madness has gripped me. I am making a divination deck for the World Between.

In his second compendium, Jack offers suggestions for a greater arcana for a fortune telling card deck. I have stripped out the mechanical effects and adjusted those cards significantly, as well as adding 5 complete suits, and 6 realm cards, and 3 supreme cards, totaling 101 cards.

The cards have meanings, and meanings if they are drawn inverted, and additional meanings for representing people or things. The greater arcana comes with history for each card. The deck as a whole has a history. I’ll post all this up here before too long.

Anyway, I’m planning to draw each card. The resulting deck will be available for you to get as 2 decks, the 70 suit cards and the 31 other cards (the site has a maximum of 100 cards, and I have 101.)

Why the hell do I have 101 cards? So you can roll percentile to do your readings!

There is more to tell, but I’ll save it for later. Here’s the cypher card. In actual tarot, you pick a card with a meaning like your querant (the subject of the reading.) Then you build the reading around that card. For this method, there is a cypher card that the diviner tunes to, and that card is always used as the querant card. Here it is.

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