Amazingly Dense 1 Page Dungeon

I have a shameless love for the Dungeon Dozen. I am happy to point out a one-page dungeon up on the site, Flesh for the Witch Queen. It has inspired me to stat up the adventure for Fictive Hack. Look at all the good stuff that needs attention to have it ready for someone else to play it! (Sooner or later I hope to get this stuff to you.)

The Shotisaan Witch Grimore

  • Soul Corruption.
  • Induce Nausea.
  • Cone of Apoplexy.
  • Stupefy.
  • Corrosive Blood Spurt.

Malethandrian Grimore

  • Advantageous Auto-Decapitation.
  • Brain Scrambler.
  • Explosive Geyser of Contagions.
  • Gholo’s Corrosive Vomit.
  • Sympathetic Countenance.

Epic Necromancy

  • Merge Creatures.
  • Animate Slasher.
  • Flying Staff.
  • Build Siege Undead.

Death Talents

  • Regeneration.
  • Invisibility.
  • Mummification.
  • Expert Meat Builder.

Magic items

  • Blindfold of True Seeing.
  • Anti-Witch Poison.
  • Anti-Magic War Paint.
  • Cursed Spear of Undue Enthusiasm.
  • Fruit of the Forbidden Bush of Enlightenment.
  • Rod of Mummy Control.
  • Enchanted Scimitar.


  • Poison Collection.
  • Coffer of gems.
  • Envenomed Throwing Needles.
  • Weaponized Green Slime Powder Capsules.


  • Poisoned spear trap.


  • Giant snake messenger.
  • Human-faced Bat.
  • Witch.
  • Mountain Ape.
  • Guardian Chimera.
  • Dr. Hook.
  • Zombie Worker.
  • Mummy Guard.
  • Ephraim Gatsby.
  • Ghost of high priest.
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