Mother Lothak Baptismal Shrine

This is what happens when you are in an environment you cannot escape, but left with pen and paper.

At the southern entrance, two statues face each other. Mother Lothak squares off with Father Sothak,  him with a trident and her with a scythe fashioned from a shark’s jaw. The double-life-size statues are imposing, but weathered by about 800 years of exposure.

Inside you may find statues to some of Mother Lothak’s wreckers. There’s Voldabris, a shark-man famed for chewing through metal plating. Kabrovius, the serpent she releases once every 486 years to claim precisely 6 ships for her. Finally, her shining daughter Avriagu, the first Sirene. Avriagu is on a high dais in the highest point of the cave, with holes in the high wall so it seems she croons to those who come here to pay their respects.

This shrine is decorated with carvings, and there used to be rich gifts here before the unpleasantness a few hundred years ago. Some say that there are still riches to be had for those who know how to look closely, or those favored by Our Lady of Storms.

Beneath the shrine, there is a surf-hammered beach cave for the near-drowning baptisms in shark-infested waters. A prep room for the priestesses used to be down there, with their ceremonial garb, but that has surely been plundered by now.

Not that any of this is particularly relevant anyway. The main reason we want you to go into that shrine is because we’ve had a spate of missing persons. Now, you can debate whether a sharkman is a cannibal if he eats humans, or whether he’s something else, bumping them off the top of the food chain. Either way, he’s got to be stopped.

We think that he’s in those caves somewhere. A survivor of the last attack said the shark had arms, and legs with webbed feet. It was wearing a pendant of seashell and silver, the sort that used to be in the shrine back in the day.

Bag us a shark man. We aren’t rich people, but you won’t want for friendly companionship for a few nights, and we’ll feed you good. For that matter, you do this for us, we may be able to convince Old Pete to take you up to that ruin up the old mountain road.

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