Fenwhyck Keep

You can’t miss it. Fenwhyck Keep lords over the coastline on a jutting spur of rock. Visiting farmers camp outside the walls or stay in the barracks. The Tidal Pool is a pretty good tavern, the place usually serves merchants and mercenaries. There’s a separate annex for orcs. Vistani in the area usually camp just outside the gates, close enough to run for cover but far enough out to see the law approaching. Also, you don’t have an entry tax–rare and delightful!

Generally you can rent rooms in the tavern. If that’s full, you can stay in the stable or the barracks. They aren’t very formal there. The lord over the run-down keep is Prince Hollister, a languid sort who relies heavily on his weirdly loyal Northron guards.

Anyway, you can’t miss the keep. One of the towers is a cistern, but at the very top it has a windmill built in to take advantage of sea breezes to grind flour for all the subsistence farmers in a three day ride. That is the main income of the keep.

A word to the wise. Leave the Lord’s daughter Gahlerian alone. Sure, she’s pretty and winsome, and a flirt. But if you so much as return her looks or put your hand on her, Hollister will have your guts out and on the floor, and you’ll be the plaything of some big terrifying Northron men. And you know who will help you out, rescue you, or punish Hollister for your murder? No one. So behave.

The Hollisters live alone in the keep with the butler and castellan and the Northron guards. I hear the place is haunted. Surely someone closer to the keep can give you all the bone-chilling scares you need; I figure nobles are eccentric, and that’s all I care.

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