The Slave Pits of Abhoth

Seriously, check this out.

This scenario is beautiful. The adventure has an eye to detail,well-rendered and clear maps, a delightful style of conveying the information you need to run the thing, and a well-drawn central concept. I have the original scenario this was based upon, and there is no comparison–this is superior in every way.

I can use this just fine with the Church of the Lady of the White Way. I will put it in the Isles of Unparalleled Liberty. Once I get us established in Setine, this is definitely on the list for Fictive Hack in the World Between.

Kudos to Fr. Dave for a fantastic effort!

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One Response to The Slave Pits of Abhoth

  1. FrDave says:

    Wow. Thanks for the kind words…I am especially tickled that this made the cut and will be part of your campaign world 🙂

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