Tournament Games!

I really enjoyed what Dyson Logos and Matt Jackson were working on for tournament games in the OSR. I was inspired then, but not enough to take the steps to pin down how I’d do it in other systems. Now that I’ve got Fictive Hack to a stable place, it’s time to revisit street festivals! Here are some games and prizes.

Tournament Games for Fictive Hack

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3 Responses to Tournament Games!

  1. FrDave says:

    Wow. Thanks for the kind words…I am especially tickled that this made the cut and will be part of your campaign world 🙂

  2. FrDave says:

    Oops. I hit the wrong post…

  3. fictivite says:

    The pleasure is mine. I’ve been waiting for this since you started working on it. I really want to try out your format. You did a great job on the document.

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