Hit Points to Wounds Conversion

Fictive Hack has “Wounds” to measure character health. A Wound is the amount of physical punishment needed to put a normal person out of the fight. If you are injured beyond your Wounds, then a bad thing can happen to you, ranging from being knocked out to being instantly killed.

For those who want to convert back and forth between Wounds and hit points for D&D style games, it is easy! In general, 1 Wound is 1 hit die. 1 Wound can also be 6 hit points.

Most people have 1 hit die/1 Wound. If a monster has 6 hit dice, it may have 6 Wounds.

Just like saves and to-hit are calculated off hit dice in older versions of D&D, so too are attributes assumed to be equal to maximum Wounds. Or, they could be doubled or halved, if appropriate. The point is, the Wounds maximum is the basis for calculating these things, just as hit dice are in earlier D&D.

Wounds are used like hit points, only they represent physical damage only. No divine favor, luck, fast reflexes, and morale; all the other crap that hit points are supposed to represent. There are ways of increasing your ability to take physical punishment, but all of them involve toughening the body or ignoring pain. Therefore, an increase in Wounds is not automatic with leveling (as hit points are.)

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2 Responses to Hit Points to Wounds Conversion

  1. E. Wilson says:

    Ah, that’s a super-handy idea. It would still be a bit of work doing a full translation of a hit-die system critter, but this really helps. I’m still working my way through The World Between–lots to absorb and think about.

  2. fictivite says:

    Glad you’re reading it. The book is damn dense, it takes longer to look at everything than in a normal book. I think it’s packed with FUN!!! So I look forward to seeing what you think.

    I did 100 monster talents, and there are also elements in the book for beastmen, fey, demons, and so on. Between all that, there’s enough to build a LOT of monsters. The monster builder has suggestions for other basic conversion issues, but for people running the system on the fly or people new to the Hack family, I think 1 HD = 1 Wound is useful.

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