The Slave Pits of Junox

So as I said earlier, Fr. Dave has an incredible scenario, the Slave Pits of Abhoth. I think this would go very well in my current World Between game, as one of the Islands of Unparalleled Liberty to the south of Setine.

So! To manage the conversion, I’m using Junox instead of Abhoth. Junox gets a description on page 147 of The World Between for Fictive Hack. The original description on Jack’s blog is here. Another is here.

Instead of St. Cuthbert, I am using St. Eprial the Dragonslayer. He’s a saint of the Hammers that are powerful in Setine, and he died in the 6,700s. Since my game timeline is in 6,995 that gives me over 200 years to have him die, be buried in secret in a temple fortress on Hucwind Island, the temple fortress to get lost/sacked, and slavers to move in. Not much time, but enough. Eprial is described on page 3 of my Setine background document, here. Setine itself is adapted from Paul Hughes vision here.

Instead of Dagon, I’m using Mother Lothak for the Deep One vibe.

Here is what the monsters and foes look like, converted from Fr. Dave’s work for D&D to Fictive Hack.

Foes at the Slave Pits of Junox

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2 Responses to The Slave Pits of Junox

  1. FrDave says:

    Andrew, thank you for doing this. I finally got a chance to look through your conversion and it is really interested to see how you see what I wrote. When I put the Slave Pits of Abhoth together, I did so with the intent that people would fiddle with it in order to fit it into their campaign worlds. Seeing you actually do it is very gratifying (and cool to boot!)

  2. fictivite says:

    Glad you like it! I think I need to do a picture of the sting hounds, as they are tough to envision–and a neat idea. I’m building a treasure summary as well, so I can have a reference I can mark off as I go as they get treasures. That has even more adaptation.

    I am looking forward to doing play reports for this scenario, but it will likely be several months at least before my players get there.

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