Killane’s Deck of Deeds

Here is my version of the Deck of Many Things. I’ll eventually have 100 entries so you can roll percentile, but here are the first 30.

These decks have 1-100 cards in them when they are found.

  • They are always in a metal tin stamped with a winding road and a rising sun.
  • One person can choose to draw up to 5 cards, rapping on the tin once per card.
    • Then those cards slip out, and they affect the one who rapped on the tin.
    • No one can get cards from one tin more than once.
    • If the card is not absorbed or activated and remains an object, then it can be given to someone else.
  • The tin cannot be opened by anyone but a priest of Killane. They can open the tin if Killane wills it.
  • Undoing the effects of the card is the same difficulty as breaking a dire curse, and will attract Killane’s attention.
  • Randomize for each card.

1. A Wander. The road winds into a darkened doorway. Upon receiving this card, you (and everything you are carrying and touching) are instantly shunted to another dimension.

  • Roll 1d5: 1 World Above, 2 Ardenwald, 3 Wailing Labyrinth, 4 Dreamlands, 5 World Below.
  • DM option to choose or randomize: you may be lost forever, lost until rescued, lost for 1d5 decades, lost for 1d5 years, or lost for 1d5 hours.

2. Wyrding Surge. A liquefying warrior howls at the moon. Roll 1 random mutation.

3. The Blood Remembers. A bemused face, with the faces of ancestors as a receding cloud. Immediately gain 15 spent Awesome Points. If an ancestor knew a talent you want, and you level, you can choose to take a talent from your ancestral memory even if it would not normally be allowed. (With DM permission.)

4. The Creeper. A friendly fellow, but his eyes and mouth are all wrong somehow. Lose 2 Charm, gain an indefinable creepiness. You grow thick hair on the back of your hands and knuckles, or a unibrow.

5. Sever the Bond. A Damsel of the Lady backhands a cringing demon. You have the power simmering in your hands to free one person of a connection to a demon, with no immediate negative consequences. Simply touch a witch and say “goodbye,” and destroy the familiar out of hand (whether the witch likes it or not.) The witch takes no damage, but loses all connection to the demon and demonic power. This power lasts, percolating in the meat of your hands, until you use it.

6. Stricken. Lightning hews down a mounted and armored knight. Take a random dire curse, or direct it at a mentor or student (who need not be present.) You must think fast, you have up to 5 seconds to name someone else or you take the curse.

7. Magnificent Chest. A heaped treasure chest groaning under the weight of gold and jewels. Keep this card. Spend 1 Awesome Point to transform the card to the pictured chest, gaining 1d5 x10,000 silver equivalent of gold and gems.

8. Cosmic Thews. An androgynous torso traced out against the night sky, lines of constellations underlying muscles. Gain 5 Brawn, potentially exceeding the racial maximum of 8.

9. Life’s Waxen Column. A huge candle, with complex rivulets and runoffs, almost guttering. Lose 1 Wound per full decade of life, right now, shriveling.

10. Soulmate. A death god tears an androgynous figure from the chest of a sleeping or dead androgynous figure, cackling. Somewhere nearby, Fate just created the perfect soul-mate for you.

11. Touch of Death. A grim reaper. Touch this card to a target and say “Now.” The target will be destroyed horribly over the course of a few seconds, the corpse and the card disintegrating to ashes. This works on undead and constructs as well as the living.

12. Retriever. A proud ghost dog. Put this card on the chest of a corpse. Over the next minute, its energies will search the Worlds Beyond to find the spirit of the corpse and bring it back to life (still missing any bits that the corpse is missing.) If the energies cannot find the spirit, they’ll get a substitute spirit, but they won’t tell you that.

13. Sumptuary. An impossibly magnificent hairdo on a gorgeous woman, complete with bird cage, lantern, spider web, and so on. Press this card to your forehead and whisper “Now.” You will be cleaned, bandaged if necessary, and outfitted in magnificent tailored clothing worth 300 silver.

14. Thornwall. A tangle of bloody thorns growing around a skull. Throw this card to the ground and shout “Now!” It will grow to a wall of thorns, two arenas high and four arenas on the ground in any desired shape. The wall is permanent until removed. It automatically scores 18 to impede each round, and those who are impeded suffer 1 Wound and another Wound each time they try to move again. This Wound ignores armor, and if the target can soak the Wound, it rises to 2 Wounds.

15. The End of Lies. A cackling Death God. The flesh sloughs off your face, exposing your bone. Your eyes melt and run from their sockets, your ears peel off, your tongue bursts. Now you have pinpoints of light in your eye sockets, and your ghostly voice needs no throat or jaw movements. You can inspire Terror or Horror of 10 by revealing your visage.

16. Useless Engorgement. A man sobs at the feet of a careless Eladrian. A man’s penis grows unwholesome flab so it becomes too huge to use on humans or human-sized creatures. A woman’s breasts grow impossibly large, beyond the bounds of beauty. All movement tests and Charm tests are reduced by 2 while trying to work around the unwieldy and no-longer-sexy meat.

17. Banishment. A screaming skeletal mob claws from ethereal nothing towards the viewer. Put the card to your forehead, and a blue witchlight will wink into existence. It can move up to 4 arenas a round in any direction. When it is in the same arena as what you want to banish, whisper “Now.” It will become a pinhole to the Wailing Labyrinth, and a mass of the damned will rush out as ethereal undead, swarming the target and dragging it back into nothingness. Everything in the arena will be torn out of the world, no save allowed.

18. Bitter Pill. A screaming ogre peeling open around a serene child. The card sizzles and melts into your flesh. If you are swallowed whole by something, then you regain all your Wounds. The thing that ate you explodes messily, automatically destroyed, and you sit in the ruin of its burst corpse. This only works once.

19. Wish. A djinn bowing in a cloud gushing from a lamp. You can make 1 wish. The more skewed towards fairness, balance, and generosity the wish is, the less tainted it will be. The more skewed towards revenge, greed, hate, or power lust, the more twisted it will be.

20. Merrihel’s Freedom.She stands laughing in a prison cell. The card fades into your skin. You can whisper “Merrihel, please” while touching a lock and it will disintegrate permanently. This works on one lock per [your level when you draw the card].

21. Blade with Purpose. A sword hilt carved like a figure with arms outstretched under the blade. You are turned into an intelligent sword. You can communicate telepathically with those in your arena, as selectively as you like. The sword appears to be worth 100 silver per your level. It gains a bonus or special effect from your talent list, one per your 4 levels. You cannot spend Awesome Points or act independently until you are once again in human form.

22. Fissioning Guts. A troll, desperate in stomach acid. You no longer need to eat or drink. If you do eat or drink, you receive 1 Wound and have horrific flatulence for an hour.

23. Deathlord of Chickens. Hooded chicken with skeletal beak and glowing pinpoints of eyes. The card sizzles into the meat of one hand. Any time you snap your fingers on that hand, one chicken in your arena will be instantly slaughtered, plucked, cleaned, and prepared for cooking. All inedible parts will vanish. The chicken corpse will hover in the air until touched.

24. End of the Line. An axe severs a gnarled tree root. You scream as your reproductive equipment chars, now barren. All your children, wherever they are, die screaming as they explosively dehydrate.

25. Stone Span. A wide stone bridge with no railings arches into mist. Set this card on the ground and say “Span.” It will form a stone bridge across a gap, DM decides its range. It is permanent.

26. Hexbreaker. A scarred, tough Vistani warrior woman in her silver years, festooned with charms. Touch this to one cursed or geased person and whisper “The winding road.” If the god Killane has the power to shatter the curse or geas, it will be shattered.

27. Keyhole in Scales. Dragonscale, with one missing, in the shape of a keyhole. Whisper a dragon’s name into the card, and the dragon will let out a shriek and die as the card transforms into a brittle scale.

28. Restless Road. A road forms an infinity loop, a castle on one side, the sea on the other, a village and moor in between. If you stay in one place for more than 24 hours, your flesh begins to rot and you take 1 Wound every 6 hours that cannot heal until you leave that place. You must travel at least 20 miles to heal, and if you return in less than a week, your wound blooms fresh.

29. Penance Guard. A wrapped dervish of Mord Stavian, arms crossed, masked and turbaned, eyes burning. When you draw this card, a dervish steps up to your back out of nowhere. He goes masked and turbaned. He makes no sound, and carries a heavy scimitar, dressed in light armor. He will wear a cloak to conceal his weapon and armor if you desire it, he understands your language. He can step out of reality, and back in, and he is ever watchful to protect you. He has 5 Wounds. If he dies, he is not replaced, but he is loyal beyond death to your personal physical safety. He’s probably a magical construct. Probably.

30. Opening the Mirror. A woman’s reflection gazes serenely up at her. You grow visible gills on your neck. Now you can breathe water or air with equal ease.

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