Ghalidell Isles for Secret Santicore 2012

It seems that Secret Santicore 2012 is foundering, and possibly lost. This is a tragic happening, but it is better for the project to go than for Jez to be further pressured in an awful situation.

I’ve been hanging on to this, but now I will release it for all of you to enjoy. I got a super-tough request, but I feel I rose to the occasion and I am proud of this system neutral entry. Plus, I did a picture!

The request:

A list of ideas or a table for my player-agency-driven sandbox campaign that will provide me with under the table jobs, plots to get entangled in and adventuring opportunities appropriate for a mid-level party with at least one ship and a well-armed crew. Should be stylistically appropriate for a swords & sorcery setting full of decadent, decaying or outlandish societies, and can range from Western European to Mediterranean to African to Indian in style. Some entries that might have ramifications, beneficial or problematic, for the domain-conquering/thieves-guild-controlling/mage-tower-building/militant-temple-establishing stage of the game would be fantastic.

My entry:

Ghalidell Isles


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