Clan Drakemeister

Breathing World FH Nameplate

Hey, all right! The DM from Outremer did a post where he used my clan generator to make a stonach clan, Clan Drakemeister. That is really cool.

I have been working on a clan myself, the Fanelorn Clan. I rolled high on a lot of things, so they ended up quite old with a number of significant holdings. I put the history together, but they need a few maps. Fanelorn Clan draft 12.12

I have toyed with the notion of making 3 nearby dwarf clans, and using the history they generate to populate their surroundings. I could then make a stonach specific character generator, with various roles and talents represented as well as a pool of talents open to the stonach. I could then release that as a starting sourcebook.

My clan and settlement builders are wildly successful if they allow a DM to quickly come up with broad strokes that fire the imagination and inspire lots of missions. The primary purpose of these tools is to create a framework that propels the characters into action on behalf of their clan and home.

Bear in mind, this is drafty stuff for my own use, and it will be further nailed down, explained, unpacked, and demonstrated by the time it is officially released as a Fictive Hack tool.

This direction is fueled by my excitement over what Axes and Anvils could be, and my acceptance of the fact that my playing group is profoundly disinterested in exploring a new rule set. Besides, I have not played anything exactly rules as written for more than a session or two in my life. I have my world background, my rule set, and this is a great excuse to focus in on the stonach for some more race-specific treatment.

After the Legend of Hyrule is done.

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