I need some online practice.

Merry Christmas! During my Christmas break, I have some time. I’ve been trying to set up an online game so I can develop some practice and skill with running games online.

I set something up for tomorrow, but that fell through. So I went to the Axes and Anvils forum and tried to set up a game there–total one response, to tell me that the person responding did not have a G+ account. (Not sure how that information was intended to be useful to me, except as a gentle rebuke for having any expectations of players at all.)

I know it is the Christmas season, and people are busy, but there are also pockets of free time around here for many who combine vacation days with days off to get stretches. I can’t be the only person with free time.

I guess I may consider trying again for Saturday night. I have this dream of building up a stable of possible players so if I put up one-shots I’ve got people who want to participate. I’ve had enough people tell me “You should do something online and/or offer recordings!” to think it would be cool if I had players and I could try it out.

So far, nothing. I know it is not all about me, but I guess I had a hope that there would be people eager to participate if I offered the chance. NOPE!

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3 Responses to I need some online practice.

  1. Grungi says:

    Have you tried play on forum? It is slower, but easier to organize it.

  2. fictivite says:

    Forum play is slow enough it drains out the whole reason I role play, I think. Managing any kind of rhythm is very difficult, and you compete with the whole world for the attention of players. I’m not convinced it is easier; it may be easier to get people to agree to participate, but not to sustain a game over such an arch of time. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  3. Grungi says:

    Yes you have right. Forum game is slow and difficult keep the attention. I think for test it is good enough. Nothing good as a real life game (or instead online live rpg), but something is better than nothing. 🙂

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