Fun plot ideas for the Avengers

The great thing is, once you are using someone else’s intellectual property, the only reason to stop branching out is thematic. So if you can come up with theft that matches your theme, go for it! Here are some possible Avengers plots.


Dr. Doom, in his interdimensional ramblings, picked up some darkshells. He noted that they template off what hosts them for the resulting hybrids. It occurs to him that this could be hilarious. So, he goes about making a monster that can thrash the Fantastic Four.

To do that, he kidnaps a gamma monster (the Hulk) and keeps him hopped up on adrenaline but also surgically sedated, cutting out brain as it regenerates.  This gamma-soaked monster host should produce a way cool monster! To protect from pesky impregnation issues should something go wrong with his egg supply, Doom patrols that whole complex exclusively with robots.

All SHIELD knows is that the Hulk was kidnapped by Dr. Doom, and that can’t be good. They’ve tracked him as far as a fortress in New Mexico. Go see what he’s up to.

(And guess what will be ready for them when they arrive! Even better if the hulk bonded with its “child,” and will defend it to the death.)

So, have some Jurassic Park mixed with Aliens mixed with Dr. Doom. And when it is all over, some eggs and drones escape into the darkness. So you can have fun with this again!


For a game with fewer players, it is super-hot in August. The Red Skull was killed in his New York neo Nazi hideout, skinned, and hung upside down. While the Avengers are investigating, the old and expert predator targets another super soldier, or god, or whatever. (Lots of juicy targets.)

Clock is ticking; the senate is discussing a mutant control bill, and this spectacular vigilante murder is used to justify containing mutants. Proving it is an alien may help.


Fascinating readings from the arctic, like something is powering up. Take a quinjet to investigate, find a massive spaceship buried in the ice. Defending it are a legion of black-eyed colonist aliens.

They are powering up because Kang found them and is planning to use them to colonize the earth for himself. He’s got a handful of super-henchmen and an army of vicious little Wolverine aliens. He can only be stopped if they figure out how to wreck the power core at the heart of the space ship before all the colonists wake up.

And communications will be disrupted, isolating the heroes in the arctic with no way to call for backup against a force that could subjugate the world.


So if I’m not planning on using any of these tonight, what fresh hell will my players encounter?!?

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