Fictive Warhammer: First “playtest.”

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Here is a little scenario adapted from a space hulk scenario I did some time back.

Soul Casket 1, draft 12.31.12 I used this as a chassis to see how some of the math and flexibility would work out in something like actual play. Playtest 1, 12.31.12 The good news about this sort of effort, tedious as it is, is that it helps me see possibilities for both streamlining and adding flexibility.

I will reflect on some broader issues with the playtest, but for now, here are some core ideas:

  • Fictive Warhammer is aiming for the sweet spot between three extremes. It is not a tabletop war game, it is not Space Hulk, and it is not trying to be like most role playing games. Instead, it pulls flavors from each and creates a middle ground from which you can see each of the 3 sources of inspiration. I am not trying to remake any previous format; instead, I am trying to create a way to do a role playing game that is inspired by and respectful of its sources.
  • Complexity is only acceptable if it allows emulation of an important element of the base material, or allows the player useful choices that are associated.

What is here is not final, it’s a first step to seeing the strengths and weaknesses. I welcome your opinions, if you wade through it. Next steps include testing out a more open-air environment with less elite troops, working in some psychic testing, and continuing to develop weapons and tactical options.

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