Secret Santicore Comes Through!

santicorelogo5002012I’ve been using my weak Google-Fu to try to find the Secret Santicore entry for my request, since we found out that Secret Santicore was off the rails. I finally found it! That pleased me, in a vague sort of way.

When I read the piece done by Humza Kazmi, I was really impressed! It fits right in to where I’m going with Setine. I can use all these as old wives’ tales and pagan fever dreams, and only a few are initiated enough (or unlucky enough) to know the truth about them.

This was posted on  Wampus County, a delightful fantasy Western blog! The gameable zany genius he brings to his setting is truly inspirational. I first saw his blog back with “Vulture Men of Buzzard Gultch” which got bookmarked, and I also think you should check out  “No resurrection is perfect” for a sense of the flavor. I think he does great work.

Humza Kazmi did not disappoint. This is pretty epic, delightful, and just exactly the sort of thing that will get shoe-horned into the old wives tales and pagan fever dreams around Setine. And, some of it will actually be in the deeps of the woods…

Thank you Humza Kazmi! Your entry rocks my socks!

Now, if only I could find out what the person I did my request for thinks of it. I don’t know who that person is, or if they’ve even seen it…

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4 Responses to Secret Santicore Comes Through!

  1. Erik says:

    Andrew – Humza Kazmi is the author of that piece, not me, I’m afraid. Looking back at the post, that is indeed unclear, and for that I apologize to both you and Humza. I’ll edit to make that clearer!

    Regardless, I’m glad you like my stuff as well. 🙂

  2. fictivite says:

    Erik–Thanks for the heads-up, I’ve corrected my post. Do you have any idea if the person whose request I fulfilled has seen my entry?

  3. allandaros says:

    Andrew and Erik – thank you for the kind words! Andrew, I’m really glad that you liked the request; it was quite fun to put together.

    As for your entry, I don’t remember where it was posted (nor am I the requestor), but I *do* know that I did see it on one of the Santicore compilation blogs, and thought it pretty awesome.

  4. fictivite says:

    Thanks again, I’m enjoying the possibilities of how to inflict this on my players. =)

    I see that your blog is here:
    (It is a good one to check out! )

    My santicore entry is here.

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