A Janus view of my games.

JanusI’m looking forward to the new year, and looking back at the year gone by. Last year I played in 33 games, 5 run by other people.

Though it was under construction all year, I’ll lump Fictive Hack games together as 1 game; I had 20 sessions of that. Masks had 2 strains, but together there were 11 games in that system family. Then, 2 experiments.

Fictive Hack

  • Breathing World
    • Awesome Isles. 5
    • Widow Dragon. 6
    • New World. 1
    • World Between. 7
    • Fictive Avengers. 1


  • Edge City. 10
  • Fantasy. 1

Rules Light Fantasy Experiments

  • Narvin’s Reach. 1
  • Into the Grinder. 1

I do not know for sure what is coming this year. If I had to predict right now, I’d say heavy strains of World Between for Fictive Hack, with Shaun’s Awesome Isles backing that up, and possibly Kristy’s Ravensgate setting making a few appearances.

Will I get Edge City back in the rotation? Or Fantasy Masks? Will I develop Fictive Hack along Avenger lines and Warhammer 40K lines? Will I dig in and make that Harrowfaust sourcebook for TWB:FH?

We’ll just have to see which way the crazy squirrels dart.

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3 Responses to A Janus view of my games.

  1. Edward W. says:

    Oh yeah, Harrowfaust. A Harrowfaust sourcebook for Fictive Hack would be just the thing for TWB.

  2. fictivite says:

    I have my table of contents for it. I’m holding off because I’ve got other projects, and I want to give people a chance to get into what I’ve already released for the World Between before I dump more on top of it.

    Glad to know you have an interest, though!

  3. Makamo says:

    Whichever way you go I am sure that it will be interesting.

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