Assignation is taking shape.

Breathing World FH NameplateI have been working on Assignation, because next Friday I have a game there.  Sometimes I give out games as presents, and Skritt’s player got a game, and he wants to use it to try to get out from under the curse that is afflicting poor Skritt. (It was picked up on this adventure; stealing magical amber from a god got him cursed.)

So, as I’m trundling along in my game prep, I’m actually laying the foundation for a source book for Assignation (as I mentioned back in August.) It has been shelved for a while due to overall lack of interest in the world outside my head, but prepping for a session, I’ve queued it back up.

I’ve got a skeletal document that has the start of how I’m going to work the city up. Lots more to come, but this is a solid foundation. I like having my neighborhood document, and I’ve attached a few other things to it. Plus, it’s got the adventuring leagues and the taverns associated with them. I also tossed in the goblin culture page, and the Reintsien 20 questions (both already developed and posted.)

Assignation Core 12.13 draft

Here is a map, one of several to come.

Assignation map WIP 2


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