Pride and Prejudice

I want to get G+ gaming worked out so I can game more often and with a wider group.

This will not replace my tabletop group; I am fortunate to have reliable people who come and mostly have a good time. I do not take them for granted, and I know how easily game groups can fall apart when a few people get busy. I don’t want to be left game-less if that happens. And, there are some things I want to play that my tabletop group does not want to play.

The most sensible thing would be to get my B/X chops worked up and run that; the flailsnail community is broad, and I imagine I could get people from there who are experienced and ready to go. The trouble is, I don’t really like D&D. I’ve gone back through the basic books over the last couple days, and just can’t bring myself to try to run it.

I’ve run it before, house-ruled in the proper old school style. But the people I was playing with didn’t have the books or know how to play, and we gamed together in other systems. They trusted me, and I was the expert. Neither would be true in an online flailsnails game.

I’m spoiled. I’d rather build my own system than run something in a system that didn’t thrill me.

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