Two Kickstarters I Could Not Resist–Instantprep!

So, you like preparing your games fast?

What if you could draw some cards and have your unique tavern ready to go, where the adventurers start? A few more cards, and you have the lair, the monsters, and a hook to get the party there?

Look, I’m not the sort that has trouble coming up with stories, monsters, and lairs. However, I love the intellectual and social challenge to the wits, of weaving together random elements to be a story that is smooth and sensible. The uniqueness of bringing together things I would not have thought to combine on my own is a natural high.

Joe Wetzel made me (and my son) very happy with Dungeonmorph Dice. My favorite part of that project was a combination of the cards and fonts. Now, those cards are also available as decks along with lairs, monsters, and so on. Pick your favorite system, or go system neutral, and you’ve got the pieces of the adventure at your fingertips.

Want to party afterwards? Or maybe you’ve used Chaotic Shiny to inspire, fill in gaps, or while away hours in the past. This is your chance to give back.

I want both these to fund. I think both these creators are cool, they’ve both done awesome work and helped my games in the past, and… well, go on over to these kickstarters and back them!

Creature & Encounter RPG Card Decks

Tavern Cards

Both these creators have great track records for reliability and brilliant finished products. Make them happy! Make yourself happy! Make me happy! Back them to victory!

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