Demon Hunter template.

Breathing World FH Nameplate

Here is a template for demon hunters. It is not for women only, as the inspirational source material is. This was done for Ravensgate, Kristy’s Gothic fantasy setting. It is based on the Claymore anime series.

Demon Hunter Template

Claymore, anime

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2 Responses to Demon Hunter template.

  1. Edward W. says:

    These latest three templates are very cool. I’ve always wanted to run a themed fantasy campaign around an enemy type, like vampire slaying, or demon slaying, or dragon slaying. Then people could specialize with cool classes like this and really rock out with them.

  2. fictivite says:

    I’m not a big fan of niche protection, and I love the idea you’re talking about. I think you could make a bunch of characters with the same template and have a blast. Or, even better, make a bunch of characters most of which have an overlay template of something else.

    Like a demon hunter/scholar, or hunter, or fighter, or duelist, or etc. Or a demon hunter/murder princess. That’s a painful notion.

    No matter what you’re hunting, you’ll want a monster hunter along. (World Between for Fictive Hack, page 30.)

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