Plusevian Plaza Map

Breathing World FH Nameplate

Last night we did Part II of the Plusevian Plaza. Last time we played they got so intoxicated with the joyful slaughter of big rat monsters and minotaurs that they sort of lost track of the plot; but they were having fun, so I call it a win. This time they focused more on completing the quest, and they succeeded quickly and got the hell out of Dodge. Good move, I think.

I’ll be putting together the Plusevian Plaza for an adventure others can play, but in the meantime, I want to show off the map.

I have an additional motive in showing off the map. I built it using a table in Word, and the fonts from the Dungeonmorph Dice project. Then I took a screenshot and moved it to Photoshop, where I got rid of the extra entrances and map elements I didn’t need, and I added text. Then I took that picture and moved it back into my Word document as a picture. It worked really well, and I created what I think is a very cool map.

I mention this because Inkwell Ideas has a great Kickstarter project for more card decks, with monsters, encounters, lairs, trap ideas, and more. This is a great project, and if you have any disposable income and enjoy randomizing, this is the time to get in on the fun.

Plusevian Plaza Map

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