Progress on the Legend of Hyrule

Legend of Hyrule draft 2Here are a couple WIP maps for my version of Hyrule.

Forest Temple WIP


Kingdom of Hyrule WIP


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2 Responses to Progress on the Legend of Hyrule

  1. Lord Karick says:

    Interesting maps. It’d be interested to hear the story behind them/the adventure involved.

  2. fictivite says:

    Well! If you want the history behind Hyrule, you’re in luck. It is at the end of this document on the Fictive Hack page.

    That’s the player version, and it is about 80% complete. I’m now continuing work on the DM version, with more information on monsters, maps, quests, etc.

    For the Forest Temple map, I’m hoping to run it online, so I’m keeping some of that close to the chest for now. My game design in making it was I wanted to translate the FEEL of the video game experience to the strategies and rhythm of tabletop play. Rather than going mega-dungeon, I’d rather have maps that could take at most two sessions, possibly less than one. They should not be the focus of a Hyrule game, only a part of it.

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