Updated Templates for Fictive Avengers

I have broadened the “Avengers” out past the movie 6, to include 4 more from the Avengers mythos.

Updated Templates 1.28.13

Fictive Avengers Nameplate

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2 Responses to Updated Templates for Fictive Avengers

  1. Edward W. says:

    I really like they way you’ve modded OSH out to make a cool supers game out of it as well. I think the only problem with OSH is maybe coming up with reasonably balanced talents with no hard-and-fast guidelines. You can always tweak stuff as you go along–but players might not like you nerfing their favorite talent!

  2. fictivite says:

    Thanks, Edward W. I was tempted to make a full-on super game out of it, but I’ve done that with 2 other systems now. It is an exhausting project, and this was only ever supposed to be a bit of fun (Fictive Avengers.)

    The talents and balance for Fictive Avengers is way more high-powered than for the basic Fictive Hack game. Seeking balance and weaving utility and fun and simplicity together is one of my favorite parts of this hobby (game design).

    I do tweak stuff as I go along. And yes, it really annoys my players. Some handle it better than others. It is a relief for everyone that I’ve had the World Between book printed out and I’m not monkeying with it. Still, they keep coming back. I like to think that the game play, plots, and new shiny toys make the game worth the aggravation.

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