Kingmaker Stone: a Trap!

World Between Fictive Nameplate

I don’t normally do a lot of boobytraps in my games. I’m not doing the dungeon-focused OSR player skill murderholes so much. I’m more doing plot based adventure gaming. A little boobytrapping goes a long, long way. If I don’t telegraph upcoming traps, then by default I’m asking my players to make sure they check everything. And that can really kill the pace of the game.

Still, some completionist corner of my heart conspired with the plucky, determined creative side of me. I want to turn in an entry for each of the four categories for the contest. So, in honor of that urge, I put some thought into the sort of trap I WOULD use in one of my games.

I inserted this trap into the World Between. It could also work in a variety of other settings, but it’s custom built for this one. I imagine the Iron Principalities as the main setting where this would be, but others could work with ease.

So, you want to be a king.

The Kingmaker Stone

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