I am not focusing very well.

I’m tinkering with Simon Forster’s Lottery Dungeon conversion. Fr. Dave’s Huckwind Isle conversion. Both for World Between.

I’m messing around with finalizing the Philosopher Ogre game setup for Breathing World, as well as continuing work on the Breathing World game book draft.

I’m continuing to develop the Hyrule game, with the map for the first scenario done and at least one possible player. So I need to test out my plan for trying online gaming again by boosting my home internet signal.

I want to redo my OSH Fictive Hack style; a slightly bigger book than the Matt’s Rule edition, equipped with some non-humans and spellcasters. It’s been months! And in Fictive Hack game design time, that’s a long stretch. With a little effort I could render generic and refit the Plusevian Plaza adventure for broader consumption.

There are ghostly projects beyond the light. Mysterious Machinery merging with People vs. Creatures for a modern Fictive Hack game. A game of Fictive Hack with power armor–got some good ideas there. Maybe update the Thief game I have posted on the site. Update Fictive Avengers. Continue work on Assignation.

Out beyond those, some other ideas. The Harrowfaust source book for World Between, for example. Piles more stuff.

I’ve been patient with my creative sprawl, but I’m starting to feel the need to tighten in and prioritize.

I’ve been tinkering broadly (and let’s not even mention the art, of which I will need a ton and a half for most of these projects.) So I do not have much to put up here for you to look at. More will come, I’m just a bit spread out right now.

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One Response to Focus.

  1. Edward W. says:

    Sounds a bit like me and all my draft blog posts I need to finish. So many ideas it’s hard to focus!

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