“Don’t Rest Your Head” reference sheet

dryh cover picI got “Don’t Rest Your Head” and the companion piece, “Don’t Lose Your Mind” over the weekend. I spent some time with it, mulling over the strengths and weaknesses of the system. I’ll likely go deeper into that later.

The dice system is hella complex to grasp from reading a book, but as I think it over I am open to the idea that it could work really well. I’ll have to try it out at the table to be sure.

In any case, I made a quick reference with the sort of thing I’d want to know to run the game, or to play in it. There are some mechanics that have pieces scattered across several sections, like the wreckage of a crashed plane. I’ve scooped it all together to the best of my understanding. Here it is.

DRYH Reference

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2 Responses to “Don’t Rest Your Head” reference sheet

  1. I’ve had a bit of fun playing this game – and yes, the dice mechanics become easier once you have them in front of you at the table – but the GM just wasn’t strong enough to deal with his players. I tried to keep myself in line, but before long I was just having fun playing with my awesome powers and not really worried about the plot. If you’re going to run, make sure you keep a reasonably tight reign on your players…

  2. fictivite says:

    Good advice. I have run a lot of super power games, so I have a pretty good grip on how to manage that.

    One of the things I’m looking to experiment with is the granularity of the mechanics–by which I mean, if there is a fight, what might take 3 rounds of combat in another system, I’d resolve with one roll representing the whole fight. I want to see how that works out at the table.

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