Something new.

Who would like to recieve a copy of a playtesting document I’m working on, when I’m ready to share? I would like to have feedback on it. The document will be fairly short, rules-light, and support a surreal game experience.

From the blurb so far:

You go here when you die—or almost die. Time ceases to have meaning. Maybe your time passes as the minutes you were legally dead, or maybe over decades in a coma. Here you are—not dead, but not alive either.

 Your story ends when you make peace with your new home, escape to the next stage of your journey, or return to life. For now, you have unfinished business, and it’s time to do something about it.

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7 Responses to Something new.

  1. mikemonaco says:

    Sounds interesting. How much prep would be required to run it? I ask because it sounds like the sort of thing my group might be up for as a one-off thing (we try out other games when the majority of the campaign’s players are out or when I am not up to DMing the regular game). I can at least proofread it though if that helps.

  2. fictivite says:

    I would love to have a critical eye on it. Testing with a group is also great! Prep should be pretty low; the main thing is to read it, figure out how it works, and be ready to roll with that. I’ll keep you in mind, thanks.

  3. I’m up for it. I may not be able to work it into my group’s schedule for actual play until late next month. In the meantime I can read it over for comments and questions.

  4. fictivite says:

    Excellent. I;’ll stay in touch.

  5. fictivite says:

    I will be running a playtest tonight, then I’ll do some adjustments, and the first draft will be ready for some preliminary examination.

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