Fan Favorites on My Blog.

According to WordPress, here are the top 10 downloads from my blog. Numbers are as of 2/20/13. I have been blogging since July 4, 2011.

  1. Fictive’s Talents and Templates (2012 Edition) (555) Posted 12/25/11
    • My massive foray into taking full advantage of the framework Old School Hack offered.
    • It’s hopelessly out of date for what I’m doing now, and there are a lot of refinements it needs, but the enthusiasm shows through. I plan to take this down when I finish the Breathing World book.
    • As far as I know, this has never been reviewed.
  2. The Road to Baffram (319) Posted 8/31/11
    • The first scenario ever written for Old School Hack!
    • It is modular, so you can use the pieces in any order you want or even independently. Each map/encounter fits on one page, and there are full-page maps at the back.
  3. World Between for Fictive Hack (316) Posted November 15, 2012
    • Combines Jack Shear’s World Between with Kirin Robinson’s Old School Hack, both profoundly altered by my own creative take on the subject. Free .pdf, hardback and paperback available for sale. I am super proud of this. I did the cover art and some interior art. Kirin Robinson contributed interior art, Kristy Shields collaborated on the cartography, and I even got forewords from Jack and Kirin.
  4. Random Adventure Generator (by OFTHEHILLPEOPLE) (303) Posted July 13, 2012
    • How is this for humbling? Someone on a forum asks if they can get a host and some editing/formatting for a document, I agree, and it’s 4th most popular on my blog.
  5. Old School Hack Monsters (271) Posted September 5, 2011
    • Early fumbling at monsters, but I needed something to work with. Apparently I’m not the only one.
    • Now I’ve got my monster builder, in the “World Between for Fictive Hack” book. Also demon builder, beastman builder, etc. etc. I even put in a bunch of sample warbands for plug-and-play use. So, I’m past needing this now. For those still playing the original, it may help.
  6. Fictive Hack of Old School Hack (269) Posted August 1, 2012
    • This was on my 1 year anniversary of discovering OSH.
    • I wanted to show that Fictive Hack is not so much more complicated than Old School Hack; I can share roughly the same game in roughly the same pagecount. Of course, mine is built to my taste. It needs some updating, but it’s alright.
  7. Fictive’s Portable Pantheon (255) Posted March 5, 2012
    • Oh, I’m proud of this one. A unique take on fantasy religion, complete with a pantheon of gods and an epochal history. I have used it quite a lot, and the updated version will be in my Breathing World book; then I’ll likely pull the talents out and make a generic resource out of what the book is now.
  8. Lopelia Alchemal Fortress Ruin (253) Posted October 2, 2011
    • Another scenario makes an appearance! That warms my heart. This was the first scenario I built using the Dungeonmorph Dice fonts and geomorphs.
  9. The Tireless Archer (233) Posted September 26, 2011
    • I wanted to demonstrate that Old School Hack could serve quite well for a dungeon adventure, especially one built for it. Free of the maps of others, I tackled the project of making something “awesome” that fit right in with Old School Hack. Dude! Goblin army led by a crippled elf woman! An elf with a dirigible allied with winged baboons! Poison beaked crows! Frost giant with a magic axe! Carnivorous snow apes! Come ON! Custom OSH style maps, too.
  10. Old School Hack Monsters (188) (Barsoomcore did this.) Posted October 2011

Rulebooks, scenarios, linked resources, and monsters.  That’s the most popular material on my blog.

Hm. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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