Carousing in Fictive Hack.

Fictive Hack Board_NewI like carousing rules.

How do they look in Fictive Hack?

  • Every 30 silver a character spends on disposable entertainment like drinks, food, pleasurable company, small gifts, and tips gets the character 1 Awesome Point.
  • At the end of the party (minimum 6 hours, more likely 12) the player and the DM each roll 1d10.
    • The DM gets to add +1 for every Awesome Point the player got.
    • The player can add 1 Awesome Point to boost the d10 roll by 1. The player can spend as many Awesome Points as are needed to tie the DM’s roll.
    • The player wins a tie.
  • If the DM gets a higher roll, the character suffers a mishap. (roll.)

So you see the genius here. A player can spend money to gain Awesome Points–which are good to have. The more the player gets, the more bonus the DM has on the carousing mishap roll.

If the player rolls higher, then the player gets out of the party with more Awesome Points–which is a victory. If the player rolls lower, the player spends Awesome Points to overcome the mishap–and gets closer to leveling. This is a win-win for the player. Unless, of course, the player does not have enough Awesome Points to cover the difference. Then, there is a mishap. But that can be fun too.

I recommend customizing the mishap chart to their setting. However, if you’re in a rush and want something generic, here you go.

  1. Caresses. You were lulled into a woozy infatuation by a clever seducing rogue, who left with either all your money or an item of great importance.
  2. Fire! You burned down at least one building. Mostly by accident.
  3. Ow… While drunk, you were knocked down to dying. Take a scar, and stay at 0 Wounds until you have a chance to rest for 24 hours. What caused your injury? 1. Tavern brawl gone awry. 2. A foolish game of catch with knives. 3. Overenthusiastic lovemaking. 4. The jealous mate of your erstwhile overenthusiastic lover. 5. Jumping contest on the roof.
  4. Blasphemy. So you said some things that were maybe ill advised. You also went out of your way to disrespect clergy, shrines, or worship of a deity. You owe the Stack [your level x2] of Awesome Points, and until you pay up, you will be -2 on all rolls.
  5. They Started It. Sure, they started it, but no one cares; your victim was a noble, with bodyguards, and now the survivors of the row are mightily displeased with you–as are their friends. The DM is encouraged to use local resources to imprison the character until the nobility can express their displeasure.
  6. Marriage. Whether you are married or not, you seem to have gotten married to a new spouse last night. You don’t remember if you said yes or not. But now you’ve consummated your “love” and if you want a quicky divorce that will come with consequences from your new partner’s clannish family.
  7. My Stuff! You are naked as a jaybird, and bruised, and rug-burned. Your fellow players may pay 1 Awesome Point each to have found, retrieved, or preemptively taken a piece of your gear. Otherwise, some local is enjoying your stuff.
  8. Founder of the Feast. While you were smashed, the locals encouraged you to pick up the tab for all of them. You ran up a tab of [Awesome Points from carousing x50 silver] and you’re responsible for paying it in the eyes of the law and local custom.
  9. You Brute! While you’re blearily regaining consciousness, you hear sobbing as someone who flirted with you last night accuses you of assault and rape. His or her friends are scowling and furious, and you honestly don’t remember what happened.
  10. “Annas d’Truff…” You got all truthsome and shared in a very public way something you really should not have–usually a secret that is not yours to share.
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