The Lottery Dungeon.

I’ve been quiet these last few days because I’m working on the Lottery Dungeon. Normally I finish bits of things I can toss on here. Working on the bigger project, I’m still thinking through some format issues, and so on.

I have been adjusting Simon’s text to fit an adaptation of Fictive Hack in the World Between. Now I’m thinking about longer term utility, using my three column system; what’s obvious at first glance, what you can find by searching, and what opposition is in the room.

If I do that, then I can put in room features that are unlikely to change. Then I can stock it mostly in the third column, with some treasure in the second. I can then make another copy with a blank third column and no treasure. That way someone could scribble in what’s there, erase and rescribble between sessions. Or do it on a word processor. After two sessions including four expeditions into the deeps, my hard copy is all marked up with pen.

I am also working on a format where the monsters for a level are on one side of a piece of paper, with the wandering monster and restocking information on the other side. The DM then needs the monster sheet, the map, and the room key to run the dungeon. However, the room key is shorter without monster descriptions (that change between expeditions anyway.) If the area is restocked with monsters already on the sheet, it’s a quick jotted note on the room description because the monster information is on the sheet already.

I’ve been fortunate (?) to have two ad hoc Lottery Dungeon sessions in the wake of two cancelled game nights. I have a couple Fictive Avengers sessions coming up, a session in the Awesome Isles where I get to play, and then back to Setine; we haven’t played there in months, and we left it with the party deciding whether or not to investigate, plan, and execute an epic theft.

Well, part of the point of something like Lottery Dungeon is to have it ready to go, so if gaming presents itself, I can pick it up and go. And I have two players who have sent the same characters down there four times and are itching to try again. I may be able to work it in somewhere before long.


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2 Responses to The Lottery Dungeon.

  1. Look forward to seeing the finished version 🙂

  2. fictivite says:

    Me too! Unlike most of my projects, this one is not going to be a sprint, more of a marathon. There are lots of interlocking pieces I’m playing with…

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