Grand Original Map Contest Winners Announced!

Well, happy GM’s Day! Erik Tenkar announced the winners that he, Mark Hassman, and Dyson Logos identified for the Grand Original Map Contest.

Best Dungeon: Beneath the Windowless Tower by John

Best Creature: Bone Blade by Viz

Best Trick/Trap/Treasure: River’s Bend Poet’s Inn by Mark Chance

Best Environment (entered as a creature):  Mellified Men by Ian Coakley

They even kindly chipped in a $5 gift certificate for those who entered the dungeon portion and did not win. A very kind consolation prize!

Congratulations to the winners are certainly in order. There is a lot of creative stuff here, excellent support for a wide variety of styles. Bravo!

Anyway, these were my entries.

Dungeon: Rarefied Blood

Creature: Philosopher Ogres

Trap/Trick/Treasure: The Kingmaker Stone

Environment: Dreaming in Darkness

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