Legendary Pasts (Draft)

Breathing World FH Nameplate

World Between has dark secrets characters can take for extra Awesome Points and Gothic flavor at character generation. That’s neat. However, it’s a bit dark for Breathing World. I like the flavor of that sort of background, so what to do?

I have “Legendary Pasts.” The idea here is that you could have one of these in addition to an adventuring motive. A legendary past indicates you are part of a bigger story, part of supernatural doings, or something fate-related and large-scale. I think it’s just the thing to add a bit of punch to a character’s back story without resorting to horror and madness.

This is a draft. I’d like to have 5 more in each category, and if I could think of enough stuff, 5 more categories…

Legendary Past 3.4.13

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2 Responses to Legendary Pasts (Draft)

  1. Tim D. says:

    I think one of these as a background would be good, but more than one like this in the party would seem unnatural. And would not unify the team.

    I had my daughters play sisters in my game, unified behind their quest to get away from their evil stepmother (cliche, I know, but they started this game as 7 and 9 year olds and helped them understand how to role-play).

    I’ve always liked the idea of the party having a strong reason to unify or take actions. Having someone with a Legendary background could easily do that.

  2. fictivite says:

    I agree that one of these could definitely add to party unity if everyone was on board.

    Hey, don’t knock the cliches. What may be annoying in a movie or a book is less annoying when you can adapt it, subvert it, use it your way. Even if it is generic, the way people interact with it makes it interesting to them when they are directly involved. I’m a big fan of formula.

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