Iron Golem for Fictive Hack.

I got L3, Deep Dwarven Delve, as an RPGNow .pdf. It talks about the iron golem as the boogeyman of the adventure. So I checked its stats and converted it to Fictive Hack, just to see.

Iron Golem

Wounds: 18. Armor: Very Heavy, also ignores the first 3 Wounds from any attack. Attacks as a hand weapon +5 Wounds (6).

  • Poison Gas. Focus action to fill the arena with poisonous yellow-green gas. All those in the arena take 1 Wound and are -2 to all rolls each round, cumulative. Penalty fades at -1 per minute outside the gas cloud. Brawn 12 to act while in the cloud’s effect. Cloud fades in 5 rounds, give or take.

So… yeah, that’s a boogeyman alright.

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