Now I have a title.

I’m thinking about making a gnoll game. I’ve got a page of background and system for it, bare-bones stuff. And now I have a name.

“A Gnawing of Gnolls.”

Axes and Anvils is a game about dwarves, focusing on the dwarfiness of it. I asked on G+ what other races might benefit from such a treatment, and I think the one that’s captured my attention is gnolls. Who wants to play a pack of gnolls? Or, when they all get together, a gnawing of gnolls? Hah!

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5 Responses to Now I have a title.

  1. I’ve always wanted to play a “monster PC” game. And I like gnolls so this sounds like a cool game to me for sure.

  2. fictivite says:

    Good! I’ve got some ideas…

  3. Hamel™ says:

    Nice.. this idea kinda reminds me about Monsters! Monsters! 🙂

  4. If уоυ еnjoу Minecraft аftег tryіng іt һere,
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