Fantasy Floorplans: Medieval Monastary

I love it!

This .pdf costs $3 and is well worth the expense. Inside you get the layout of the monastery, crisp and clear, with words instead of a numeric key. Also, the text description of the areas of a monastery and their function gives the imagination a great head start on what it looks like there, and what could go wrong.

Of the 13 pages, 7 are text, and 2 are an oversized map repeating what we saw earlier in the document.

The information is concise, giving a sense of how the space would typically be used. This background is further bolstered by a one-page description of monastic orders, giving a variety of real-world examples to inspire your fictional inhabitants.

This location is very flexible. It could be a ruin that the characters claim as a base after clearing it. Or, maybe it is at the center of their base town. Perhaps the bad guy lairs there, and they have to do something about it. If you need to hide a relic, you can take this map and twenty minutes of thinking and scribbling and be ready to play the hunt.

I really appreciate the work Cornelius Clifford put into this .pdf. It is not too heavy, and great fun to page through.

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