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I am now working with Mike Nystul on getting a draft of Axes and Anvils done for the project backers. The project has run into significant problems, and I’m fast with the game design, and… well, I want the backers to have a great dwarf game.

I’ve slowed down on posting as I’ve worked on this. By the end of the week I’ll be ready to play-test with my home group, and by the end of next week this thing should have a draft. That’s very good news to me.

Here is Mike’s update on the Kickstarter site.



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3 Responses to Axes and Anvils

  1. Wow, jumping in on Axes and Anvils–maybe it has a chance of seeing the light of day now! I have this vague fantasy of doing a Kickstarter someday. I just don’t have a real project at the moment.

  2. erik tenkar says:

    Andrew, your stepping up is about the only reason I have hope that this sees the light of day.

    God bless you. You haven’t chosen an easy road, but we certainly appreciate your choice 😉

  3. fictivite says:

    I am sure a game will come together, and hopefully without too much delay. Thanks for your support.

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