Creature Cards

Back in March, Joe Wetzel announced that I am working on some of the system neutral background cards. It has been a charming process, and I’m pleased with the results so far. These creature and encounter cards are going to be pretty awesome.

My game table does not do much in the way of “pick-up dungeons” (and when we do, we go to Simon Forster’s excellent Lottery Dungeon.) I still have an ongoing design goal of getting to the point where geomorphs are easy to use and I can quickly stock and play a dungeon in minutes.

Also, for over a year I’ve been working on the Fictive Hack geomorph stocker, and when it is done it will be an amazing innovation that may change the way people do dungeons. But I digress.

When working on innovative design, it is clever to see what other people are doing, and incorporate your favorite parts. I look forward to getting these decks, whipping out some lairs and monsters, and getting stuck in.

It is tragic that Fictive Hack is not popular enough for me to even consider submitting it for one of the systems to be included on the back of the cards–that would be super-neat. Still, I look forward to getting these, and I plan to use them in various ways for my encounter designs.

Man. Joe Wetzel does good work.

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