I have one player who will be GMing his own Fictive Hack game in the Breathing World, flavored Grayhawk style. I will be working him into the rotation maybe next month. And I still have Shaun running Awesome Isles; I’m looking forward to the 5th session.

What am I running? Let’s see. Right now, we’re doing Axes & Anvils. It is a system I’m working on, and seeing how actual play unfolds is very helpful to the process, so I’ve press ganged them on my dwarven expedition.

In the background, we have:

  • Setine in the World Between, which has a place for everyone but may not rule anyone’s heart. (To be fair, we haven’t played there as much as I expected, with other things emerging.)
  • Lottery Dungeon in the World Between. Those who have played love it! It is an environment, always ready to go for those short notice games, something for cancellations rather than planned in to the schedule.
  • Fictive Avengers, which about half the group adores and the rest are okay with. It is a game I pulled in as a birthday present for a couple of the gamers, so it will likely emerge again as a present later.

Then there are other games that are not scheduled or anything, but I want to do.

  • Strip D&D. No one in my group wants to play this. Nobody. But I do. And at some point I’ll stamp my foot and cry until they play with me.
  • Mega Dungeon. I am the only person that wants to do this. But I do want to do it. And I need players. I’m still not sure if I want to use Strip D&D, or Fictive Hack, or something else. But I want to try out the open table dungeon bashing. I have a tool to randomly generate barrows with Barrowmaze II. I have Devilmount. I have Caverns of Thracia. I can pick one! And I am sure if they tried it they’d like it…
  • Edge City. I don’t know how I’m going to rig things so I don’t run into the catastrophic failure that I hit last time. I don’t know how this will work with scheduling. But this is pretty close to a masterpiece game for me for a lot of reasons, and some of my group are determined to return and reclaim the game table’s honor. And meet their NPCs again, they miss them.
  • Fantasy Masks. Not everyone gets to go back to Edge City. But there was also a much-beloved fantasy cadre with the same rules, and there is some itch to play with them again. It is not a rules light system. There are complexities. But this too is some of my better work, and I’d like to get back to it. I’m just not sure I want that more than I want the other things that compete with it.

The only player at my table that embraces switching systems and settings also tends to play weirdo sociopath characters. Of those who resist change, several just don’t like new systems, and others long to spend more time with the settings, rules, characters, and NPCs they already love. As a whole, my table is not good at learning new systems.

This actually turns into a plug for Axes and Anvils. They picked it up, and ran with it, and found it easy to play and very satisfying. So that is good–I am not imposing on them overly by showing them a new game they like.

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