Chel Pizaar, the Necropolis

Here is some noodling brainstorming for a fun place to go in the Strip D&D world.

Chel Pizaar: Necropolis Scrimmage

Lightning flickers across the plateau of Vaastri constantly as its mystic protections flake away. After a millennia of slumber, the necropolis of Chel Pizaar is again rousing. Its armies are massing to once again flow out across the world.

According to legend, the ancient empire of Delburia was vast and mighty, but decadence inevitably set in and it grew brittle. As the provinces disintegrated under invasion, rebellion, and mismanagement, the most powerful aristocrat wizards retreated to their city on Chel Pizaar. They enacted rituals to gain unthinkable power, becoming undead wizards who summoned armies and retook their lands, ruling with merciless wickedness.

As the second age of their empire was drawing to a close they again returned to Chel Pizaar, this time to infuse their necromantic power with demonic power as well. But now they faced the empire of Reyvesk, supported by temples to gods who could shatter their undead power. The clerics of Reyvesk sealed them on their plateau for a millennium.

The time of their imprisonment elapsed after the gods abandoned the world, but the seal was reinforced for 3,000 years by the angelic guardians of the world.

Now the seal weakens again as the undead push free. The Vaastri plateau is in a borderland area, and as the governments argue about who should send troops to suppress the inevitable rising of the undead, adventurers of all kinds flock to the area. Not only can they render public service by getting intelligence on the undead threat and slaying some of the early risers, they can also enrich themselves in the process.

As the civilized adventurers converge into a tent city known as Lootville, other forces involve themselves as well. The tribal gris mount expiditions into the necropolis for their own unknown purposes. Dark creatures are drawn to the otherworldly energies of the place. Apocalyptic cults approach, either to head off or trigger the next extinction-level event.

It is time to load up your gear, hike to the creaky lift, and pay 10 silver for a ride up the plateau. Once there, it is a matter of finding a hole and climbing down to adventure!

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2 Responses to Chel Pizaar, the Necropolis

  1. Sounds like with tribes, dark creatures, looters, and cultists converging on Chel Pizaar, there’s plenty of action up on the surface!

  2. fictivite says:

    The main thing is to keep the players busy… =)

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