More art for “Cry Dark Future”

JB asked for art, and said if he uses 3 pieces the artist gets a copy of the book. Well, I want a copy of the book, so I did three pieces. However, if I do 3 pieces, and he doesn’t use 1, then he got 2 pieces and I get nothing. And that would suck.

So, I asked him for 3 more requests. And it is a good thing I asked, because the three pieces he wanted are things I am not likely to draw on my own. Here they are:

The request. “A semi-profile of an orks face that’s been totally ravaged to show the obvious bionic enhancement underneath…you know, Terminator-style? Just looking for a bust, here.” My response:

cyber orc


Second request: “A face-down, smoldering (or flaming) corpse…not top-down, mind you, but an eye-level side-shot. Prefer to not see the face…we could be looking at the soles of his feet. Just an amorphous heap, the vague suggestion of a body…and smoke/fire.” My response:

Burning Corpse

And the third request:  “A hand grenade…this can be of the WWII pineapple variety (obviously recognizable). or something sleek and modern looking…but obviously recognizable.”


Now that I have done 6 pictures to specifications, I plan to get a copy of the game. Look forward to seeing what is in it.

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