Chambers of Persuasion

This creepy underground adventuring environment was sketched by me while waiting for dinner at a restaurant. My wife rolled up DungeonWords for various areas. So, I can only take limited credit for how warped this one turned out.

Here is the original sketch from my tiny Molskine book, complete with words generated from DungeonWords:


With the map and words in hand, I took the scanned map and tidied it up, then keyed it. Like so.

Chambers of Persuasion

With all that done, I then did a little thinking, and came up with this adventure for B/X. I hope you enjoy it.

Chambers of Persuasion

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3 Responses to Chambers of Persuasion

  1. I will now return to my quiet jealousy of anyone with good mapping skills…

  2. fictivite says:

    Have you checked out Vornheim? It has suggestions for how to make maps using numbers and tossed dice, great for rapid and random setups. That would be a great place to start.

    Maybe also to make a list of a few of your favorite things, then figure out how to fit them in. For example, I like shrines, stairs changing elevation on the same level, and mixing finished and unfinished caves.

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