Wampus Country Guest Spells

In appreciation for Erik Jensen letting me use spells from Wampus Country, I figured I’d make a couple to give back. They are both grounded in the unusual mechanics and style of his setting (to the best of my ability.) One even has commentary from Erik’s wizard narrator for his book of spells, written by Erik himself!

Themes: Battle, Conjuration
Level: 1
Duration: Instant
Range: 30 feet
Material Component: walking stick, club, or similar item (not consumed)

The Surprise Holdout turns a stick into a gun for just one round and one shot. If the stick is more rifle sized, the gun does 1d8. If the stick is more pistol sized, the gun does 1d6. It appears to be a concealed weapon, but upon later inspection, there is no clue that the stick was transformed.

The Magnificent Montranto adds: I have this spell transcribed as ‘Furtive Fusillade’, but you know how I am about alliteration.  A very useful transformation indeed for certain situations.  Two notes.  First, if your walking-cane or wizard-staff is too well-worked – that is, heavily enameled or clad with metal – it may not count as a ‘stick’ for the purposes of ‘Surprise Holdout’.  Secondly, I have noticed that the bullet produced by the spell continues to exist after the gun reverts to a stick, but it remains wooden!  Surely there is a savvy application of this foible as regards vampire-hunting

Themes: Vice, Enchantment
Level: 1
Duration: Enchantment lasts until the sun crosses the horizon (dusk or dawn.)
Range: Touch
Material Component: Container for alcohol (not consumed), and each use requires a swig of alcohol (consumed)

Cast this on a container of alcohol. The spell affects one drink per level of the caster. Instead of rolling 1d3 to regain hit points with a shot of stiff alcohol, the recipient gains 3 automatically. The spell enchants the container, not the alcohol, so it can be refilled if necessary.

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