Armor class and damage reduction.

I’m working on my next itiration of Crumbling Epoch. After doing some playtesting, I’ve got some new ideas. Here are a couple that I’m messing with.

  • Use a d12 to hit instead of a d20. 8+ is a hit.
  • You can use your combat ability as a bonus to hit, or a penalty to be hit, in any combination. Combat ability is equal to class level for most classes except poor fighters like wizards.
  • ASCENDING AC: Your “armor class” is a pool of damage reduction points you have available each round.
  • DESCENDING AC: Your “armor class” represents the most damage you can take from a single hit (that is affected by armor; some magic, and falling, and drowning etc. are not affected.)
  • TYPE AC: Your kind of armor is the size die you roll to reduce damage when you’re hit, +1 die size for a shield. Leather 1, Leather + 1d4, chainmail 1d6, chain + 1d8, plate 1d10. Whatever you roll is reduced from the incoming attack.

Fun, right?!

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One Response to Armor class and damage reduction.

  1. I particularly like the descending AC idea. I take it there would be no negative ACs like in OD&D.

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